Media and Sony DW-R56A

I’m new to this forum so please move or advise…

I’ve got a Sony DW-R56A as a replacement drive in my dell laptop and on the whole not bad (or better than the last drive).

However I’ve had soem problems with not recognising media. I was using 2.4 datarite and they’ve been fine, but tried some 4x bulkpaq and bigpockets (generic) and nothing. This was after a few hours of rendering a home movie so all was lost. Any clues why it doesn’t like any of these media. I thought if it couldn’t write at 4x it would just write at the fastest speed it could.


I would try some different media. You can you DVD Identifier to find out who makes the discs and look them up on You can look up your burner as well. Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubushi Chemical, Ricoh Japan are considered to amongst the better ones. Update the firmware and ide drivers if they are available.