Media accessing problems

i want to ask u guys some thing …
i have a combo sony drive and when ever i write a cd with my nero 7 ,that cd is not accessible on other cd rom drive …i tried to buy expensive blank cds but other cd rom read that cds very slowly or didnt read it …wt should i do now ??? try to burn cd with any other s/w ???

Which brands did you use? What’s your burner’s exact name in Nero 7?
Try Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim/Mitsubishi branded media. Also Moserbaer Pro if it is available in your area.

Are the discs finalized?

i ma using nero express burner of nero 7.0

in my area only maxcel,sony, or ther local brands r available :frowning:
we can have on dozen cd-r per dollar :slight_smile:

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wt do u mean by that ??? i didnt get ur point

Is the disc set to multisession or is it finalized? the option whould show in the burn window in nero, if it is not finalized some drives will have problems reading the discs. If the box the arrow is pointing to is ticked, try unticking it and burning another disc and see if that solves the problem.

What kg asked is the name of the burner not the version of nero, it sill show at the top of the nero window.

Maxell should be Ritek, and is okay. I don’t know about Sony.
What are the local brands? Where are they made?