!Media 4 LiteOn 48x --> P05T H3R3!

Hi guys!

I think we should start a thread with a list of media that is good
for the LTR-48125W writer.
I would like it to see some posts of freaks from Germany, because
some CDRs you talk about aren’t available here… :slight_smile:

I use firmware VS02:

best CD-R: “SilverCircle 32x/Moser Baer”: as good as no errors @ 40x


The new Fuji 40x has impressed me, very clean scans.

Here is my results (when discs is written at speeds that they are certified for, not higher than what they are certified for):

Taiyo Yuden (cyanine)
Ritek (all types)
Prodisc (phthalo and cyanine)
Mitsui Toatsu (phthalo)
Kodak (phthalo)
Postech (cyanine)
TDK (phthalo)
Fujifilm (phthalo)
Richo (phthalo, often made by ritek)
Princo (phthalo ATIP but looks like cyanine)

so-so results:

Verbatim Datalifeplus Super AZO (cyanine)
Moser baer india (phthalo)
Multimedia masters & machinery (phthalo)
Fornet internatinal (phthalo and some cyanine)
Acer media tech (phthalo)
Gigastorage (cyanine)
CMC Magnetics (phthalo, only some)
Vivastar (cyanine)

Bad results:

Pioneer (cyanine)
Verbatim datalifeplus Metal AZO (cyanine)
TDK (cyanine)
Fornet international (Cyanine, not all types)
Multimedia masters & machinery (cyanine)
CMC Magnetics (cyanine and some phthalo)
Sony (cyanine)
Xitek (cyanine)

I don’t think many Cyanine discs is made for high speeds / newer writers.

I know this is a totally n00b question OC-Freak but what are Cyanine and Phthalo?

What about disks written at a higher speed then they are certified?

It’s the material the DYE layer is made of.

Cyanine = older DYE type. Bottom of discs is Dark green/blue.

Phthalocyanine = newer DYE type, Bottom of discs is gold/light green.

Some known cyanine manufacturers: Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi chemicals (Verbatim datalifeplus).

Some known phthalocyanine manufacturers: Kodak, mitsui toatsu, ricoh, acer…

Discs should preferrably not be written at higher speeds than what the manufacturer have certified them for…

I also made some good experiences with Moser Bear (from Atelco) which are certified for 32x. They can be burned almost without errors at 40x.
But with 48x I get errors. :frowning:
At least they were pretty cheap :bigsmile:

I bought 50 pieces of sunstar 40x CDR´s for 15 €. I test all with the smartburntool from LiteOn. No one was slower than 40x.
I always write at highest recommended burning speed with my LiteOn 48125W original.

Please answer a question : How can I disable the smartburn-feature ? I wanna try writing at 48x, even it is not always recommended.
I wanna see what happens to low-speed CD-R´s (under 32x)…

In Nero, go to “choose recorder” and select the drive, hit the options button and uncheck SmartBurn. you will get a warning when you burn.
Anytime you burn above the media’s rated speed you will see an increase in errors and possible coasters. Even if you use the Smartburn suggested speed, you may see too many errors.