Medal Of Honour HP 9300i




Ive got a HP 9300i and it simply wont copy Medal Of Honour Properly.

The game will install OK but when trying to run it i get

"Cannot Locate correct CD. Re-insert and restart the application".

Any ideas how to copy it properly anyone?




Medal of Honor uses SD2.51.21…which few writers can backup…I am not sure but if I recall correctly the HP9300 does not perform EFM encoding to burn the weak sectors properly…even if you enable amplify weak sectors it probably will not work…

the liteon cdrw…24102B, 32x and 40x cdrws can burn this game so that no patch is required …I beleive there areseveral others such as Asus 16x cdrw…

Fast error skip only
no subs needed

amplify weak sectors
close last session

You can give that a try with your burner but I do not think it is going to make a working copy…you can get a patch at gamecopyworld


What will a patch do for me??

Sorry im new to all this!!!


Also, make sure you don’t play the game in the burner. Or use Hide CDR media in the CloneCD tray. SD 2.51 has ATIP check.

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Originally posted by higgsy
[B]What will a patch do for me??

Sorry im new to all this!!! [/B]
Patcheds are used to replace a vital file on the back-up or on your hard disk after install that will allow the game to run without the disc in the CD-ROM for instance. These patches (also known as cracks) are used with writers that cannot make a 1:1 copy like your HP writer. You can make a copy with CloneCD don’t get me wrong but the back-up won’t work without replacing a file with a cracked version. The most common place to find these files is Remember that patches/cracks may and should only be used for games you own and not to illegaly copy a disc.


You can burn a backup in the burner…then get a nocd patch and run it and the backup will…it is not a 1:1 backup…but applying the patch will allow you to run the backup…

you install the game …then apply the patch usually to the .exe file that starts the game…

if you need more help PM me