Medal of Honor - what protection is?

What protection was used to make Medal of Honor ? CloneCD can make a 100% copy , or I need BetaBlocker to do it with my Plex24
, or only LiteOn can make a copy of this game without any patch?

Thanx for help.

Look a bit further and you could have answered that question yourself :wink:

Latest News:

check the protection with clony

Try writing at a lower speed, and report back to the board.
I’ve heard reports that this can work.

I’d like to see them confirmed.

BTW: I just noticed that I haven’t said that MOH is SD2.51.XX

I also have a plextor 24-10-40 drive, and MOH AA. It has the latest version of Safedisc2. Even at 1x read and 1x write, the drive won’t produce a workable backup. I used many options and configurations in CloneCD (including Amplify Weak Sectors), and didn’t have any luck on 4 different drives (the Plextor, a Hi-Val 16-10-40, a Yamaha 16-10-40, and a Creative 48x CD-ROM drive. I was however, able to play the backup on my HP 8100 4-2-24 drive. Interesting, but frustrating…that drive does not support writing in RAW mode. Also had the same exact results with ‘The Sims Hot Date’ expansion pack. Still searching for options…

MACROVISIONLESS - thanx for help info - I did a copy but I was using Betablocker to patch the mirror file ( CloneCD ) , and it works on my LG CD-Rom 52x , DVD-Rom Pioneer 106 and on my Plex 24 without Hide CDR Media.

Thanks for the tip V@A , I’ll try Betablocker

Betablocker didn’t work for me…So, I’m returning my plextor…I just ordered a Lite-On 32x writer for about $40 less. Sorry Plextor, we had to part.

LOL; but seriously, I’m glad that you could do this. SD2 must have been part of the agreement. In Australia, you can return an item on the condition that it didn’t or can’t do what you purchased it to do. (hey, my bro is a litigator, I know these things!)