Medal of Honor: Spearhead

I thought this title was supposed to be SD2.8xx???

I made a working copy of this using:

The setup in my signature on PC # 1, latest OFFICIAL CloneCD.

The only 2 PCs I have to test it on have the same DVD drive in them. (Toshiba SD-M1502)

Is there anyone else out there that has been able to make a working backup without any problem? (Someone with a drive other than the ones I list) Thanks!

Did you use the Safedisc Analyzer to check out the version? Give that a shot and tell us what version it is, that should explain it. If it is Safedisc 2.8x, then it looks like you were lucky.

whats luck got to do with it :confused:

Where can I get Safedisc Analyzer? Thanks!

Originally posted by vishtaspa
whats luck got to do with it :confused:

Plenty if you’re using the latest official version of ccd. Most people are unable to copy sd 2.8x with this version of ccd but some people have been lucky. Copy Lord is obviously one of them.

I guess I must be lucky. I don’t know. Where can I find the Safedisk Analyzer & see if I truly am one of the lucky ones… Thanks!

Copy Lord, try here.

Thanks very much.


i got a liteon 241040B and a perfect backup oh MOHAA Spearhead

safedisk analyser says v2.80.010
so im guessing this is the new safedisk2


OK then… I wasn’t the only “lucky” one. :wink:

How do Asus Cd writers fair when it comes to the latest versions of Safedisc? Specifically the 40 and 48 speed Asus CDRWs.

i made a working backup but it will only read in my lite-on dvd.
generic cdrom will not read in winxp
burned fine w/lite-on 4010a