Medal of honor pacific assualt

I have loaded it and have played it twice and am addicted but it crashed and now only plays the intro and then goes back into windows. It is the same error message that every body else is getting : C:\DOCUME~1\PROENG~1.FLE\LOCALS~1\Temp{0EEC1B2A-0105-475F-BE30-AB5210B39F4F}{56CFA833-F44F-4199-8C58-7F8B38F2BC7B}\Firewall.vbs

I have looked at the temps folder and there is nothing there to clear, I have scanned and cleaned my PC but still no joy. I have downloaded a patch file, which doesn’t seem to even do anything and this also hasn’t helped me. :sad:

Can you help me please?? :bow: