Medal of Honor Pacific Assault

hi all, need help here, how would i go about copying MOH PA? i know that its a dvd disc and alcohol 120 cant read copy protection from a dvd, so wht should i use or do?

Give CloneCD a try. I believe they’ve got it working now.

uh huh? i have the cd version and i tried burning it w/ all my burners below w/ the clonecd protect cd profile and it failed

Have you got the latest one?, it has SafeDisc emulation.

Ben :slight_smile:

What for SafeDisc 4 as well?

i have the 5.1 version

i didnt know they (Software Companies) were able to now burn copy protect. onto dvd’s, thats the main reason why i asked, since when have they been able to do that?

Read the DVD with Alcohol 120%, then burn the image to a DVD-R as a file (with Nero or something), and then mount the image from the DVD-R with Alcohol 120%/Deamon tools. This works with SafeDisc protected DVD games.

Ben :slight_smile:

Your beloved mini-image-method would also work (i’ve only tested d-tools)

Tex :slight_smile:

It would work also with Alcohol 120% virtual drive, but not with the latest SafeDisc 4.000 as then the Alcohol virtual drive is blacklisted.

Ben :slight_smile:

Alcohols virtual drive is not blacklisted from any Safedisc game I’ve tried. I’ve tried SD 4.00.001

Maybe the new Alcohol that just got released fixes any other blacklists?

SafeDisc 4.000 games still work fine with the Alcohol 120% virtual drive installed, but if they are mounted on it they wont work.

Ben :slight_smile:

Have you changed names of the drivers in expert installation ?

Nah havnt yet tried that, didnt that fix some SecuROM blacklisting problems in the past?. Maybe the new version of Alcohol has unblacklisted it anyway?

Ben :slight_smile:

They run fine mounted.
Perhaps it is your driver names.

Hmmm… have you changed yours?

I will just try with the normal names, and see what happens. Then re-install with custom names and see if it makes any difference.

Ben :slight_smile:

Ok, I tried it, when the driver name is default it wont start from the virtual drive (“Please Insert Correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart the application” error). However when I rename the driver names at installation it works fine. The game is protected by SafeDisc 4.00.001.

Ben :slight_smile:

please need help here how would i fix the problem (“Please Insert Correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart the application” )


Have you followed the instructions in this thread you just resurrected?

wat about dvd decrypter?