Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault installation issues




I recently bought Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault Directors Edition, and I put the DVD into the drive and the menu loads up but when I click Install nothing happens; except for the menu quitting.

Any ideas?

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Try going into the CD drive via my comp and looking for setup/install.exe and runing that directly? If not there could be a problem with the DVD.



emulation software?


I found sometimes games dont run the installer if you have any anti virus (for me it was Cointer Strike: Condition Zero and McAfee 2004)
You could try removing (not disabling as this doesnt make any difference) you anti-virus/firewall software, and then trying.

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mine stops at the install setup when it cant find β€œmedal of honor pacific assualttm_code.exe” even though it is found in the support directory of the game. any ideas?