Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault DVD Edition

HI since this game has been released in America can anyone tell me what this game is protected with, I’ve already pre-ordered it, so if anyone can tell me what the protection is that would be good.

Dont quote me, someone can verifiy, but I believe its Safedisc 3.20.020/022.

nasty protection, especially with dvds, i think the new CloneCD will be able to deal with it using emulation, am i right?

ben :slight_smile:

Yea you’d need Clone or Blindwrite+Blindwrite tweaker. Alcohol can make an image for a Virtual Drive, it just cant burn it to disc.

SafeDisc 3.2 on DVD, I dont think youd have a good chance of copying it even with the new CloneCD that copies DVDs.

Alcohol 120% really wouldnt be a good choice as it doesnt read DVDs properly, just CDs. Your best bet is to make an image with CloneCD then mount it onto a virtual drive.

Alcohol 120% really wouldnt be a good choice as it doesnt read DVDs properly
Alcohol reads Safedisc protected DVD’s fine, just not Securom or CSS encrypted movies. (the CSS is for legal reasons) As I stated before it can a will create a safedisc DVD image that can be played from a virtual drive. I play Sims 2 DVD this way. Clone is Able to image and burn (with emulation) same with Blindwrite + Blindwrite tweaker. I have a working backup of the Sims 2 DVD as well created with Clone CD

clone cd should work and i dont see why alcohol wouldnt. so srry cant help any more right now. im still trying to figure it out myself.

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This thread is two and a half years old I think the problem has been solved. What exactly is your’s with this game?