Medal Of Honor on my drive?


I would like to back up my copy of Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault (I know its an old game but I still enjoy it :slight_smile: . Using A-Ray scanner I found that its protected by SafeDisc 2.51.021

I have a LG GCE-8523B CD-writer and would like to know if it will be capable of making a 1:1 copy. I downloaded the clonecd profiles from this forum but I read that the profile to be used would differ based on whether my writer was 2-sheep or not.

If anyone has an idea about the settings for my writer, pls help me out. From the net I found that LG GCE-8520B was 2 sheep so I’m guessing that mine should also be.

I have a couple of other games also which I would like to backup, and was wondering whether my writer was any good.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hey and welcome to CDFs!

You can use Ben’s SafeDisc back-up guide. This will work with Safedisc 2.5. It does not matter about what sheep your writer is. Good luck!

With your other games, we need to know what protection they use, but 80% of all games out @ the mo can be backed-up. Use A-ray to see what they use.


Ya thanx for ur reply, I’ve been looking around this forum and think i’ve already learnt a lot about using a-ray scanner, diff protections, etc.

I read the post u’r talking bout and it says that I must use emulation, I basically want to know about the capabilities of my drive and whether it is a good option as far as making 1:1 backups is concerned. I know this will differ from protection to protection but I want to know in general whether I should consider buying another writer.

Ah ok well if you want an un-emulated copy, that download the trail of Alcohol 120%. Then read and write the disk in SafeDisc 2/3. Alorh make sure ‘Ignore Media Type’ is on. As far as the capabilities of your drive, sheep-3 drives dont really exist. So your drive is not bad. Good luck


Thanks, I’ll try that. And since this drive is good, maybe I’ll buy a dvd writer :slight_smile: