Medal of Honor Allied Assault

Hello all at CDFreeks, its a joy to be talking to you all…

Anyway, on to my questions, I am a total newb, and I want to copy Medal of Honor Allied Assault PC ver. Now it has SafeDisc 2.15 protection, and I know this is killer stuff, I was on the CloneCD site, and I see they have shut their doors.

So my question is, what do I do? I am a total newb, I have CloneCD 4.2, ClonyXXL latest ver, Bones CC4 Profiler, SafeDisk2 Cleaner, and I just downloaded the trial ver of Alchol 120%. Problem is, I dont have a clue how to use them. Now I could spend a couple of nights trying to work this all out, and waste a few Yoyos on a new CDRW, but I have no yoyos and I only have this disc for a night or two.

So I suppose this is an emerengcy, Battle stations, (Ewwww, Ewwww,) Etc etc etc…

Any help would be hot

My CD RW Dr is a Sony CRX140E; My DVD Dr is an NEC DV-5700A, eh, don’t know what else you need to know, OS 2000 Pro, what ever else you need to know, ask.


i used disc dump and fireburner mate and it worked fine for me

well if you use Alcohol, you just klick on make new image, then from the profile select the used protection /if I do remember well, its SafeDisc 2/, then make a *.bin file and burn it with CDRWin 5.

Alrighty…step by step.

Actually, this will probably be easier…

All by using the search :wink: