Mechwarrior mech paks

Hi people.
I have a problem here. I have both mech paks and for maybe because of some version incompatibility I can´t install them in mech 4 vengeance, even with the latest patch.
The thing is that I also have mercenaries and after installing the game I see the subdirectories for the packs with files inside wich are the same has the ones in the mech paks cds. This leads me to believe they are built-in in mercenaries. Anyone knows of a way to unlock them?
I´m a bit desperate as I´ve tried everything and still the paks won´t work.

First question I have is, when you try installing it does it finish? If so, then I’m assuming that you just can’t see it when you open the game, it tells you which ones are instlaled on the main screen of Vengeance. I’ve had this problem before, but only with the Inner Sphere Mech Pak, never figured out how to fix it. Only way I can think of is that you try reinstalling all of the games. I never did this because I didn’t feel like reinstalling but it’s the only thing that might fix the problem.

That won´t work. I´ve tried it a million times. When I install them it goes all the way but in the end it tries to apply a patch wich upgrades either vengeance or black knight (if installed). The thing is that my vengeance version is the nordic one and the paks aren´t thus the patching fails. My game is already patched so I don´t think this is crucial, what I do think is that it will never work because of the versions.

That´s why I was trying to see if there was a way of unlocking the paks in mercs. Even the intro video features several of the pak´s mechs such as the massakari, the kodiak, cauldron born etc.