Mechwarrior 4 vengence backup

I have been trying to backup my mechwarrior 4 cd and cannot. Clone CD (ver. keeps getting sector read errors. Do these 2 cd’s have some sort of strange protection on them? Any suggestions or has anyone had success with backing this program up.


Those errors may indicate that your title is protected by SafeDisc, however I can’t tell you for sure, because you didn’t indicate which episode you have. There several MechWarrior 4 episodes.

Mmmm he actually DID tell you what episode he has : Mech4- Vengeance.

According to Clony it’s Safedisk V1

So if its safedisk V1, do I just use a template for safedisk V1 in clonecd to back up these CDs? Is it that simple or is there some other trick?

I would guess so, personally havent backed up Mech4 Vengeance, heh it’s been sitting in my CD rack gathering dust for 2 yrs. Safedisk 1 is pretty old protection, even Safedisk 2 is not much challenge to current hardware and software.

Isn’t the current version of CloneCD , maybe you need an upgrade? Maybe your burner can’t write the format… I don’t know all this stuff, only you do, but I do know Vengeance is Safedisk 1.

If using ccd just enable fast error skip on the read and burn using raw dao (or any other raw mode supported by your writer). That’s quite sufficient for safedisc 1.

Btw, there are supposed to be read errors (lots of them, in fact, for safedisc 1). It’s the basis of the protection.

It 's safedisc v1.50.020 R4(b1) so no you shouldn’t have any problem with it and cloneCD.

It works fine. I didnt realize that there were non readable sectors. I thought that meant the read wasnt working. I use clony xxl with clonecd to do the trick.:smiley:

I don’t normally get political :smiley: but I think this thread belongs in the Clone CD section. Not the Alcohol section. :cop:

Its a very simple game to copy
like mentioned above…fast error skip is mainly your key :slight_smile: