Mechwarrior 4 backup problems

I get this error message on my backup of Mechwarrior 4:
Only 256 color palletized, 24 or 32 bit TGA files supported 'Content\Textures\HUD\CM_00.tga

Some files don’t install at all from disk 1 and disk 2. The program runs until it gets the error listed above. The backup was made using Clone CD on a Sony 8x4x32 drive.

What is the game protected with?

more importantly, does it do the same with the original ?

I did a quick look to the original is SafeDisc, which you’re writer should be able to do, the Black Night expansion is SD2, which your writer can’t do.

Just use CloneCD and enable Fast Error Skip on the writing part. Set the retries anything between 0-3, I use 3, but if you’re writer does it really slow, go with 0. So just go with 0.

For later posts like this, use ClonyXXL or Scout to find out and give you the settings you need:

Download ClonyXXL here | Mirror

Originally posted by CCDKing
What is the game protected with?

Have heard that it uses Safedisk 2. Am trying to get AWS on Clonecd to work.(Fast error skip doesn’t help.)

Have heard that it uses Safedisk 2.

Heard and know are two different things, I rather trust what says but you COULD have a different version. Use ClonyXXL to find out.

Download ClonyXXL here | Mirror | Another Version

Am trying to get AWS on Clonecd to work.(Fast error skip doesn’t help.)

If you’re drive is 8x I really doubt you’ll be able to use AWS even, try using BetaBlocker to copy it. Also, you should always have FES on for SD games, if you find it really slow that means you got an old writer not designed for this stuff, so try turning it to 0 retries.

Betablocker v1.0
Try Betablocker v1.0 it should give users a fully working SD2 backups, even from non-SD2 compatible recorders and its very simple to use software! Just make the image of the protected CD with Clone cd, drag&drop the image into the software, press “Scan Sectors” (detects the sectors which needs to be patched), and then press “Patch Sectors” (will apply the changes in the image). Once You have burned the patched image with your non-SD2 compatible recorders, test the backup in as many CD-ROMS/DVD-ROMS as you can.
Download Betablocker 1.0 here