Me .vs XP and Copies?

Strange problem. I have made backup copies of SD2 and they work fine on 98, Win ME. I can load and run from the copies.

I’ve upgraded to XP, and now the backup will not get past the No CD prompt. The original still plays.

Specific game is OPF Resistance.

Does XP read CD’s better?

confused… arg…



What’s your writer? Are you sure its a perfect copy?

Well, I think it is.

I have run it on multiple CDroms and diffierent machines before all without any problems.

I have LG 8160B rw - latest firmware
latest Clone CD version
latest ASPI layer

Only difference is when the machine was upgraded to XP. This machine does not / or ever had clone cd. It has a HP cdrom, not sure of the model. But the cd copy worked on windows ME?

Is there different CDROM settings for XP versus ME?



Try it on a friend’s XP machine. WinXP and ME all read it about the same, make sure you don’t got programs running in background or systray that is on detection mode or is locking onto your drive, like InCD, CloneCD Tray, Creative, etc.

I’ve the same problem as you, but with SecuRom NEW (any version)

I’m using WinXP, my last backup was MORROWIND, I could do with CloneCD and also Alcohol, this two softs worked very well!! BUT, wit h SecuRom New"any version" i could make the bakup but i have the problem of “NO CD” or “incorrect CD” i don’t remember… yes, i’ve tried to hide media with CloneCD and also Daemon Tools and Alcohol.

I could not try with no WP sistem… i will try to install second HD with WindowsME ed. to view if the problem persists or…

OS info: WinXP + SP1 (NTFS in XP Partition and FAT32 in other partitions, I tried in both NTFS and Fat32), PIII 700, PX4012.