Me nec 2500 is making me crazy



me nec 2500 is making me crazy

after i burn some movies, i ran the nero transfer test (in the same driver nec 2500) , and when is almost to end i got a error , almost everytime ,
but when i play the movie in me dvd it work perfect so what is going on with me drive ?
do i send it back or is normal ?
it did not happen before is just this last week , i always run i tranfer test and a never had this problem before
any ideas ?


Did you changed the media ? Firmware ?


no , i am using bell dvd- 2x max , but i did not have this poblem before and it seem tha is always in the end .
i play around with differents firmware . 107 and the tdk 1.33 but i went back to the 106.
if you change the firmware can you broke the driver ?


No,but the write strategy of a firmware make a big change, go back to the firmwar the it work best for you and try the burn again.


It could be those media are very variable, even in the same batch.
Post the media code for your “Bell” DVD-R.