Me being away, the explanation

As some might have noticed, I hardly have been around for some time. I told a few of you ppl here that I was away due to university business. That was true of course, but the thing going on might differ from what would be suspected…

In january, a new course at the university started. Our prof required us to have a certain book. There was a problem however: the book was nowhere in stock and it would take over 5 weeks to get a copy. The prof didn’t seem to care about our problem.
Then I got hold of an ebook version of this book. Although it wasn’t the final version of the book, it was useable. So I spread it amongst the students.
Our prof is a cowriter of the book and he quite didn’t like the fact that I started spreading the ebook, as almost nobody ordered the book anymore. So he filed a lawsuit against me.
Well, to make a long story short, he won, I lost. I am confined to pay a fine (almost €1000). That’s not that much, I know… it’s a symbolic fine (I got it because my deeds were done out of need). I’ll get over the money (although it’s quite much for a student), but I have a criminal record now. That sucks.

Two good things: I’ll be able to spend more time on CDF and I made it through the course.

Bottomline: don’t scr3w your prof!

Hahaha oh well atleast you’ll have a funny story to tell your kids :slight_smile:

Too bad about your experience of “s…t” happens.

Hmm well that’s for sure… although I don’t find it funny right now…

(neither is the idea of having kinds, must be my age)

Nice to have you back anyway :iagree:

Well it is… it’s better to hang out here than spend time in court… esp when you’re loosing.

sux about your predicament Dee-ehn.At least your here where u won’t get sued. :bigsmile:

I say, the prof sucks!
Here in my university, it is required that professors provide text book (or contact the publishers and have them send to the univ) 2-4 weeks before classes starts, to the campus store.

not naming names or places but every lecturer ive known has had a very liberal attitude towards the sharing of certain material that may or may not be copyrighted, infact ive shared tons of stuff with lecturers in the past, and may or may not be doing so at this current time :).

Hey atleast what you were doing was for the benefit of your education and not just for entertainment purposes etc

I’ll have to agree with you. The professors at my University could careless about copyright information. They only care about it if it was theirs. :bigsmile:

DN sorry about all your troubles…sounds like a prick of a prof…but…i EXPECT to see ya more in chat…now suck it up…and move forward…lets see some more pics…

Sad story but at least you passed your course. Good luck for the future

Were criminal charges brought against you? If it was just a lawsuit filed in a civil court then you should not have a record.

Well that is a matter open to interpretation. It all depends on what she looks like.

Now that can get you sued for libel.

You didn’t get in any trouble at all with the University?

:a :a :a

I’d say your prof is a wanker. Did he make an attempt to resolve the situation after he discoverd the ebook was being circulated or did he just say Fu and file a lawsuit? Anyway, I admire your composure. I’d be livid.

It probably wouldn’t amount to anything…but I wonder if you could get your class to file a complaint with the University (like after grades have been reported).

If your Prof was a true professional you should have been able to come to some kind of an agreement without the lawsuit being filed. Your Prof is a complete ahole and when you are done with the university, so he can no longer make your life miserable, let him know how you feel.

OMFG DEE-EHN! What a terrible tragedy!

And particulary on this date :slight_smile:

Yeah, maybe it was all a prank :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

well at least your rap sheet is not as long as mine. Last time i saw a District Attorney that was trying to prosecute me, it took her a while to go through my records, and after that she wasn’t so nice anymore. :bigsmile:

@gategem: there’s a good point about the criminal record. I’ll ask my lawyer for some more detailled information; you got me doubting.

@toasters/Discentropy: the university doesn’t care. They find this or own responsibility. Pretty lame attitude eh?

@Belvedere/Theone1: stupid coincedence…

@nymac11: O-M-G :stuck_out_tongue: