Me And My New BenQ1620



Guys my new BenQ1620 just arrived…i flashed the bios VB7P9 in it.

I have some Questions and need some big time advice

I bought this Great burner because lots of people says this one kicks ass…
And i bought it because it supports all tests(from nero and stuf)

I just burned some dvds with the thing Crappy media i think…

Datawrite dvd+r 8x mcc003 mediacode (Im still waiting for the fuji 8x tayoyuden)

What i would like to know is when i scan the dvds in nero and i see all the Pi failures and jigger stuff Pi faults i dont know what it means

I want to burn dvds at good quality so everyone who hire dvds from me are able to play them on their standalone without stuttering…hanging…and stuff

But how do i know if the disk which is burned is good enough…

How many Pi Failures is good enough/Bad enough
And Pi faults
And Jigger

Hope someone can explain thks here

Thks alot


open Nero cd-dvd speed
Disk quallity tests


I just burnt a RicohJPNR01 today (first burn on this drive) with my new BenQ. Unfortunately it wasn’t a full disc at 2.5 gigabytes capacity with B7T9 firmware but it looked sweet. Low jitter rate and PI Failures of 186 burned at 8x on 4x media. :smiley: Can’t be happier with the new drive. :bow: :bow: :bow: My older BenQ will certainly be the one put into my Plumax external enclosure when I get it to be used as the reader. :wink:


Yes i dit some tests with nero…i know how i must run the test

Questions are

how can i see if a dvd is good enough to watch without stuttering or hanging and when people hire dvds from me…then it has to run well too…

So how many Pi Faults,Pi Faillures Jigger are Critical!!
And what is good

I burned 2 dvds and tested with nero yeah the Datawrite 8 speed mentioned above

This one was Datawrite 8x @ 12x

And this was another movie Datawrite 8x @ 12x

Two complete different scores…hows that possible…i cant say if its good or not


The first burn could skip at the end of the disc because of the PI Failures starting to climb at the end. I’d like to see these stay under 16 for a good playable disc. The PI Errors on both discs are very good. :slight_smile: The second disc is passable and should play in any DVD Player assuming it can play DVD+R media without any issue.

If you continue seeing results like the first image you posted I’d suggest flashing to B7T9. Seems to be really good firmware. Also, you can reduce some of those errors by not over-burning and just burning the disc at the rated speed of 12x. Sometimes it is far better to go slower then to go faster and cause more errors then would normally crop-up.

Adding: Jitter should be under 11% as the acceptable level. If it would climb up to 11.2% I wouldn’t worry to much about it as it should still be a perfectly fine disc. :slight_smile:


PI Errors sould be max 280, PI Failures max 16 I believe (only as exceptional spikes), betters is to try it as low as you can get. PI Failures not higher as 4 is ideal. I’m not gonna explain everything, all things you asked have been explained many times, just use the search.
Try burning a disk at 8x pseed. Maybe the Datawrite media is not of consisted quality?
Disk 2 (shall we dance) is a very good burn, great scan.

You can save your scans as *.png files an upload them in your post, just take the advanced option, and choose Manage Attachments.

Congratulations with your Benq burner and happy burning.


Cool guys you all helped wel here
I just did a burn with same disk and same movie but at 8x and not 12x
My best burn so far…lol
do i need to get other firmware or keep it

So if i keep this in mind

Pi Error Max 280
Pi Failures Max 16
Jitter Max 11

So if any of thes are higher then there is a change the movie gets errors when playing on standalone stuttering and stuff…is that right?

What do you think of my scan!!!


Yes, but they’re not the only indicator of a bad disc. Using Nero CD-DVD Speed’s transfer rate test, along with Nero CD-DVD Speed’s surface scan test can also reveal problems/errors on a burned disc that error scanning can sometimes miss.

It looks good to me.


Im see alot of people with low pi failure and pi errors…but there are a lot who get higher then Max 11 Jitter…everything above Max 11 jitter is not good…or not?


I use MCC 003 media all the time with “T” firmware and I get between 97 and 99 @12x. I don’t put too much into the scans. I have three different age and brand DVD players that I try mine in. I jump chapters till near the end then fast forward to the finish to test. So far all have played very well and thats what really counts. I have burned over 200 in the last couple of weeks without a single problem.

I have also tried some cheap media that had scores of 60 that played very well.


But by what point is the Max Jitter to high?

I know the Pi errors Max=280
Pi Failures Max=16
Jitter Max=???


Jitter I haven’t seen play to much of an important role in playable backups to be honest on my stand-alone players at least. I’ve seen Jitter Rates that towards the end was at 11.2% and they were passable. I’d say as long as you don’t climb over 12(?) on the Jitter you should be fine… the main thing I’ve seen with Jitter is you shouldn’t have any real wild spikes in that line and it should be a pretty smooth crawl upwards.


Best Buy has Fuji(made in japan-ty’s) on sale this week for $19.99 for a 50 pack 8x dvd+r. Good luck-some fujis are not made in Japan-pick carefully.