MDS modification - is toc stored there?


I have a question : Is the MDS file the same as the .ccd file in cloneCD?
Or the Toc information is stored somewhere else - MDF file ?

Can someone help me to get such information.


Or can anyone tell me where I could find the specs of the MDS file structure ?!
Doesit hold the toc information ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes .MDS files are a lot like .CCD files (but contain more detailed information than .ccd files, especially when it comes to DVD) ; the .mdf file only contains the data track(s).

ok, thanks.
But do you know maybe how could I edit this file, or where i could get the exact specfiication of where what is written. It can be source code or anything.
As for example the .ccd file is human readable and you can edit it manualy without any specs for it.