Mds/iso Fab rip/burn

I’m probably dumb as a brick here, but does anyone know (and if so how)?:

  • ripped a DL source disc 1:1 with another ripper/decrypter, and subsequently burned DL backup. Result to HD was a ISO and MDS file. What I wanted to do was compress the ISO and burn SL with Fab/vso. I pointed Fab target to the HD directory containing, but wants the usual video/audio folders…thanks

Hey Larry,

Well, this may be one brick to another, but here goes. Fab is configured to rip and burn in file mode, although gold has IFO capability. I don’t believe fab can handle ISO/MDS…period, although someone here at cdf, probably, could tell us if the files can be modified and handled by fab…maybe portmac or fengtao? My guess is no, though.

That’s this brick’s two cents…lol

All I know is MDS contains information that sends information to the player to change layers. All the layer break information is in MDS, not sure if it is suppose to be inside or outside the ISO. I have used ISO Buster to pull the boot file out of XP so could slip stream it to include SP2.


Mounted the disc image on a virtual drive (e.g. Daemon Tools) and proceed from there with Fab.