MDS Files

How do you use these files I cant understand what to do to make them work, I have Alcohol 52% but it hasnt soleved the problem or I dont know how to use it.

I want to use the MDS files I have to intall the game they belong to.

I got part of the way by double clicking onre of the files within Alcohole 52% and the installation failed due to a file it was askiing for, maybe it needs to have access to all three files the two MDS fiiles and the MDF file, but I cant see what to do.

Laurence. :bow:

If you created the image file yourself then you should have it on your computer along with the MDS file. The MDS files contain information needed for certain copy protections. SecuROM 4.8+.

When you go to burn the new made image you would then use the MDS file during the burn to create a working backup of the original cd.

The MDS file is just like the CUE for BIN :bigsmile:

So when you say you just use the mds while you burn the image how do you do that? (in step form)


you will always need the .mdf file for the corresponding .mds file. Like Lvsitano said, every cue file needs a bin (or some other) file. The .mds is only the instructions for alcohol what to do with the other files of the image.

hey thanx,

um…yen people are saying somthing about star wars jedi academy being blacklisted do u know anything about that?

thanx (p.s what does blacklisted mean?)

Blacklist means a game won’t run if you have a certain program installed. In the case of Jedi Academy it has blacklisted Clone CD.

If you have clone cd installed Jedi Academy won’t run, not even the original.

There is no problem running Jedi Academy if you have alcohol installed.

It’s not CloneCD that is blacklisted but the Virtual Drive that is installed as well.

Daemon Tools also uses the .MDS file to mount the image to a virtual CD/DVD-ROM