MDS File missing



I just used DVDFab Decrypter to get a DVD9 .iso file from a movie that I’m backing up. I plan to burn it on a DL (DVD9) disc, but there is no .mds file with the .iso file. Do I really need the .mds file to get a correct layer break (the same place as in the movie) ? The reason I’m asking is that I’ve read that the .mds file contains info about the layer break, and the .iso does not.


It does, but DVDFab does not write MDS files, it writes a .ini with the same information about the layer break (at least Platinum does, not sure about the free version). I seem to recall the DVD Decrypter will generate an MDS file for an ISO that doesn’t have one (hazy memory) but any burning engine will calculate the layer break, very often(but not always) in the same spot. If this is a really important backup, you can always download the 30 day free trial of Platinum and use Clone mode for exact layer break placement.


I double checked my shaky memory. DVD Decrypter will create/replace a missing MDS file. It is under the Tools menu:


When creating the layer-breach bit afterwards, it will not be on the original position !
I have asked Fengtao (in the Feature Request Threat) if it was possible that DVDFab Decrypter also creates a .MDS file.
.MDS file format is property of Alcohol software.
Got answer from Fengtao that it was not so easy to build this feature into DVDFab Decrypter.
Whether it has anything to do with copyright of the .MDS file format I don’t know.
But I am still hoping that DVDFab Decrypter will have this feature in the future.



I never said the layer break would absolutely remain the same, just that very often it does if you have made no changes to the DVD structure. If, like the original poster, I had an ISO that would be useless without an MDS file, I think I would let DVDDecrypter make one and take my chances on where the layer break fell. With modern drives the layer change in many cases is almost unnoticeable anyway. While laws do differ, I don’t see how anyone can own a file format that is part of an abandoned work (DVDD). Philamber, can we get a ruling on this??!?:slight_smile:


Correct Signals.
The ISO Image can also be loaded in ImgBurn en when writing to DVD Double Layer it can give you 1 or more options where to put the layer-breach bit.
These are shown with colored stars witch you can choose out.
I also had contact with the Alcohol 120% software staff and .MDS is the native to their software.
They asked me, to tell Fengtao to contact them and if or not .MDS could be incorporated in DVDFab Decrypter.
Alcohol 120% have the interllectual property on the .MDS file format.
So I think (but am not sure) it’s a copyright issue.
On the FTD forum a discussion is goin on how to keep the layer-breach bit on the original position, and with software to use.
I also have a DVD player with playes them fine if the bit is on a other position and I cant see it.
However (if possible) I want to keep it on the original position.
I use the Clone option in DVDFab Platinum for this.


Well, Lenco, you have certainly done your research on this issue!:slight_smile: Maybe Fengtao will do this, it would be nice I suppose to have the option in DVDFab to write other types of companion files for advanced users. Remember that DVDFab was not designed as a companion for other software but as an application to stand alone, with all the features most users would need. This may be why it uses the .ini files instead of MDS. The best advice is in your post:

However (if possible) I want to keep it on the original position.
I use the Clone option in DVDFab Platinum for this.
Me too.:iagree:


I have not used DVDFab Decrypter much as I have Platinum, so does DVDFab Decrypter have a clone mode that makes an ISO? If it makes the ISO, I would believe the LB would be in the ISO. I think that the only time we have to worry about LBs is when we change information in an ISO.

I’m just putting information up to get the thought process started. I know that Maineman has used a free program [B]Folder to ISO[/B] before clone was introduced with release of DVDFab Platinum 3###, so he may have some more useful ideas.



Hi Mack

The only version I have installed of DVDFab Decrypter is actually Express (2.9.7.x) and it does not write ISOs. The newer ones might, I have no idea. Maybe Tom will enlighten us when he gets back from Mexico. If he’s not too sunburned.:slight_smile:


Just to get this right : If I rip the dvd (a dual layer dvd) with DVD Decrypter and has the option “Create MDS file” on, it will create an mds file that contains information about the layer break. I can then burn the image by loading the mds file with DVD Decrypter and get the layer break correct, right ?

Or I could use “Clone mode” in DVDFab Platinum as you’ve all mentioned.


Best way would be Clone mode in DVDFab Platinum :bigsmile:


But won’t you get the same result with DVD Decrypter if you do as I described above ? :slight_smile:


most likely would but can’t see using two or three programs to do a job that only needs one program :bigsmile:


As Lenco has pointed out, .mds is alcohol’s native file format and, presumably, such rights as there are to the formay belong to them.

I don’t know how or why LIGHTNING_UK! was able to use the format (presumably with Alcohol-Soft’s permission). However, insofar as he had any rights to the format (as opposed to a mere permission terminable at will), those rights must have passed to the current owners of DVD Decrypter.

Sadly though, I have to point out that DVDD is [B]not[/B] an abandoned work. It’s current owner is Macrovision to which L_UK assigned all his rights to the program as part of his settlement with that company. [Needless to say though, since Macrovision owns all rights to DVDD, there will never be any further development.]


Ah, I had forgotten. Maybe Fengtao could license some of the technology from Macrovision:bigsmile: . That would be about as funny as the RipGuard targeted ads that have been appearing for the past week or so. A safe assmuption about the lack of further development. Thanks for your always enlightening comments. Enjoyed and appreciated.


Amusing concept: do I owe Macrovision royalties for every year/month/week that I used DVDD to defeat their product??!?


Or maybe Fengtao could contact Lightning_UK! and ask him if it’s possible that ImgBurn can support the .ini file (from DVDFab Decrypter) for layer-breach bit.