MDS Editing -> How?




any1 know a way to edit a mds file? I didn’t find anything!

Thank you a lot,


Hi Bimboo,

you can modify MDS files using BWA Edit 1.0 which you can find here just open the MDS file with BWA Edit and do what you want :slight_smile:

p.s. there is also a 1.1 version which I’m using I think it was included in Alcoholer 4.1 but I’m not quite sure you can get it here


You could also MagicISO.


Does that actually edit the info in the MDS file though, or just the MDF(Image) file?


It think it’s just able to edit MDF files not the MDS files. Or is there also an editor for MDS files included in MagicISO merther?


In Alcohol 120%/52% version Alcohol Soft changed MDS file format. so MDS file can not be edited by BWA edit / BWA builder. if you want to edit MDS file with BWA edit / BWA Builder, MDS file must be generated by Alcohol 120%/52%!


Thanks for the info aGiSaRaNG didn’t know this :), so there is no way editing MDS files in newest version?


Latest version of Blindwrite’s BWA builder claimed to resolve the MDS issue according to their change log for version 5.1.7


Thanks Bulk :),

I always used BWA edit and never used BWA builder 5.1 editing MDS files I will give it a try.

@ aGiSaRaNG I edited my MDS file of Port Royale 2 which was build by alcohol using BWA edit 1.1 and it worked fine. So you’re sure it is not working with newest version of alcohol?


Latest alc does not use new mds format, per se. It just uses part of mds spec never used before. You will see problem only on images that contain bad sectors.