Mdf/mds renaming

Is it possible to edit the mds file to refer to a new mdf file? I renamed both files without thinking and am unsure whether it will burn now that the data in the mds points to another file name.

And I forgot the old filename, so changing it back is not an option.

Have you tried burning to a CDRW first? Me thinks you wouldn’t have a problem as long as both the filenames stay the same…

So long as both filenames are the same as each other it will still burn correctly.


you are right… if the image was made with newer Alcohol versions which doesn’t need to be the newest it is already some time so… but if the image was made with some old Alcohol version then the path to the mdf file will be in the mds file. With the newer versions there now stand instead of Blabla.mdf now *.mdf which indicates the .mdf file with the same name as the mds for alcohol.