Mdf -> Bwi?

Was wondering if it’s possible to burn an alcohol image using BW, or to convert it to BWI and burn, and if so, would it work using a downloaded BWA file (securom 4.8x game)?

One problem I see would be that Alcohol doesn’t generate a TOC file. Anyone ever try this before?

No there is no way as i know. And alcohol generete TOC it is stored in MDS

Well you could try mounting the alcohol image on a virtual drive (either alcohol’s or daemon tools) and then use blindread to make an image of the mounted image.

Of course, it would be far simpler to just make a fresh image of the original cd with blindread (you do own an original don’t you? :wink: )

Actually, I do have original discs. Problem is, they’re all back in the states. I just moved to Italy for a year or so and only brought my laptop. So, I ripped a bunch of my CDs w/alcohol planning to burn as needed but I haven’t been keeping up with the backup scene and the latest securom stuff caught me by surprise.

I think I’ll try ripping the mounted image like you said, let you know how it goes. Is there a thread or faq somewhere with read/write settings for the latest securom? I have BW v4.2.5, do I need to update?

Side note: I have a Tosh DVD burner, SD60-something (I’m at work now, can’t check)… I know the thing can read ATIP, but I’ve played a few recent securom backups - Frozen Throne, NWN SoU - in it without any emulation. Does that make sense?

There are new d-tools released yesterday and here is blacklist removed !

OK, I mounted the image w/alcohol and ripped it with BW v4.2.5, added the BWA file I downloaded, and burned it.

I used the settings from Virus’ UT2k3 thread. The burn started fine but the CD kicked out at about 25%. Here’s the log:

----- Image verification started -----
HD image is OK
Sector: Bad headers 0 - Bad Edc 0 - Weak 0 - Status 1
File systems: Volumes 2 - files 70 - folders 78
Volume size 604476 boot 0 Vol ID AoW_SM - 7/2/2003 3:52:37 PM Status 1
----- Image verification ended -----
Microsoft Windows XP Personal Service Pack 1 (Build 2600)
Patin-couffin version 10 in use
Blindwrite Version
CAUTION : Using unknown CD writer.
Unit String : “TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R6012”
Unit 1:0:0 - TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R6012 1031 [D] (Ide)
Speed x16
VolumeId : “AoW_SM”
Hash : 4348E5991E9A66B77F5540D1EF0286E0C6CE5568
HD image “AoW_SM.BWT”
Writing mode : DAO PW
Physical CD descriptor (BWA) file found.
871 dual sectors will be added to recreate lower sector densities
MMC Write error reported at sector 100731 : Code 03 0C 00 [Write error]
Sectors read : 133517
Sectors built: 150
CD is incomplete

Any idea what’s going on here? :confused:

Anybody? Bueller?