MDF and MDS files

Hello. I downloaded a MDS and a MDF file from my other computer because I don’t have a network(You can transfer files on the network) So i was wondering how i was able to use these files. Its call of duty I have MDF 1 and MDF 2 because there are 2 cd’s. What do i do once their finished transfering to my computer? Do i have to put it at a disk? Or do i have to open it with winRAR or winzip? Please reply on how to get the files to show and so i can load the game (Call of duty)

one you have transfered it install Deamon Tools 3.47 and then mount the image.

ben :slight_smile:

You just need to have Alcohol 120% installed with at least 1 virtual drive enabled, and you can mount CD1 and install, and when prompted mount CD2 and continue installation. I do that all the time, and I haven’t got any troubles.
But you can use Daemon Tools just like bcn_24 suggested.

Their MDF files! Dameon tools doesn’t support them. Same with alcohol 120% They both support mds but not mdf its not an option. If you know how for them to support it then please reply. Sorry i’m mad but you guys don’t read.

Using alcohol 120% to burn any pc game(finally…)! :bigsmile:

And crossposting is bad…