MD5 Checksums?



Can anyone give me the MD5 Checksums for the most recent versions of AnyDVD ,CloneCD, CloneDVD i need to compare them to see if my files are ok…



you can just download any of those from slysoft’s website.


Where I do not see any MD5 Checksums listed after the downloaded files on webpage. I am not wanting the programs just the Checksum numbers I already own the programs I want to make sure they are not currupt…



<-- This is what I mean i need to see if your MD5 match with mine for the most recent versions not the beta’s.


??? go to the web-page, start the official d-load. that’s not beta, this is final. to check if your file is corrupt, just double-click it - if it installs it is ok…
btw: the chances that a 1.5 - 5 MB file is corrupt after d-load is really really low… :wink:

edit: this “i need the md5 checksum” reminds me on this thread :wink:


Hmmm … MD5 Checksum … very interesting idea, indeed.


I know this isn’t straight from the horse’s mouth, but I figured I would attempt to help. These are the MD5’s that I just got, downloading from

AnyDVD v5.2.6.1 - 51d35783af764efd509b509b3ec49814

CloneDVD v2.8.4.1 - 9c92a7dcf442b8ec39bd481db792cc90

CloneCD v5.2.5.1 - 5c1d763824c732bad3cb6e6d1a6a0205

Virtual Clone Drive v5.1.1.1 - ba55d37998d62b5d76e7b50089e4794d

I used MD5 Hash from Drag and drop style program.



there is a md5 at the nero site thats mostly numbers and do you
read this so youll know whats what?is there a tool that can help with it?