MD5 checksums of image files: allowed?

Are we allowed to post MD5 checksums of image files so that we can know if we have a good image or not?

I’m having problems with my Doom3 backup…I’ve tried making the images on my LiteOn 52327 and 812S but both don’t work. Now I’m trying on my old 40125.

Will the MD5 checksums always be different even for working images or will they be the same if the images are good?

MD5 checksums are only identical, if both files are identical. Just to be sure, that no one could grab your files on P2P just by a checksum, you could mark a few numbers of your checksum with * for example. That should still be enough to distinguish between two different files.
But I’m not the management and it was just an idea that could help both sides

I’ve ripped music from CDs before using two different drives, or two different pieces of software, and when I do a file compare they turn out different. From what I’ve been told music is more subject to errors as it doesn’t have the additional layer of data redundancy like regular data files. So I was hoping that maybe two different drives/software would still yield the same image files because of this. Would save the hassle of burning to see if the image is sound or not by simply comparing image file MD5 checksums.

I don’t know what software you used to rip your audio CDs, but it should be possible to listen to them with an audio player software before burning.