MD to Comp

Could some one please help me out i want to put some tracks from a MD player/recorder on to my computer and then on to cdr does any one know if this can be done and how. I have tryed search to noavail and am geting mad with the whole prosess now :a :a

this is not intended to be funny or smart but is there any chance that you can d/l the tracks from the internet and then burn them on to your cdr.

Hmmmm…… That would spoil the academic challenge of doing this. :slight_smile:

Kue, I can’t really help you on this, but I’ll suggest to checkout ‘line out’ from your MD player and ‘line in’ on your computer soundcard. Most likely, a proggie like total recorder will come in handy Too.

:bow: :bow: :bow: Thank you Beer_Dog the academics of the thing have been sorted thanks to you and the tracks could not be downloaded as they where songs made by a mate of mine and needed on cd to play in his hotel thanks again Kue

You’re welcome :slight_smile: