MD-52XCDR or ARTEC WSM-52X Firmware

I bought this drive as a maddog MD-52XCDR %@x24x52x CDRW It was recognized as an ARTEC WSM 52X before I killed it by accidently flashing the wrong drive with MTKFLASH.

arteceuro says they never made a drive wsm-52x , artecusa says it doesn’t have firmware, maddog says nothing.

has anyone ever had this drive and maybe saved the firmware or maybe this is just a brick.

thanks in advance.

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No firmwares for that model are available here:

Hopefully someone reading the forum will have the same drive and could dump their firmware for you. Otherwise you could try using the firmwares for other Artec 52x models…

I had a maddog drive go bad and I was sent this drive (md-52xcdr) so I do have it but I am not sure what ya need or how to get it to ya. If ya still need plze-mail me and I will try to help.