MD 16X3DVD9-8X problems

About two months ago I purchased the MadDog MD 16X3DVD9-8X and it has worked great. A few days ago my drive stopped reading discs. I would put a cd or dvd in and I am able to here a ticking from inside and the disc would not be read. I tried flashing it with the original firmware from MadDogs site but it still doesn’t work. Can someone please help me out with what to do or suggestions. Thanks.

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It sounds like the laser has failed or needs cleaning. If the drive is still under warranty, you need to RMA the drive and get it repaired or replaced.

Thank you. How might I go to clean the laser. I would much rather do that then try to replace it.

I have the drive also and just took a look at how to get to the laser. After removing the 6 screws from the bottom and taking the faceplate/trim ring off, there’s no easy way to get to the laser unit, since you have to remove some flex cables and circuit boards just to remove the metal case. Unless you have the patience to try it, I’d suggest contacting Mad Dog for a RMA, since all their drives have a 2-yr warranty.