Mcse with benq 1620 question

hi, im having some problems with mediacodespeededit but thats just a problem with a potential fix for a bigger problem so i had better just start from the top

what im trying to do is make good burns of ritekG04 mini-dvds with my benq 1620. i should note that this drive is a rebadged iomagic cross-flashed to b7w9 for now. once in awhile i will get a good burn but nothing is consistent. ive tried playing around with the past 3 firmware releases and all available recorder options in my nero( and all combinations thereof. still to no avail.

so methinks burn at different speeds, but i can only burn at 4x so i tried to change the media code to g05 with mcse cause i heard that might help, but i flash it with the editted f/w and it still shows up as normal.

this is probably the wrong way towards a solution but im at the end of my wit. it just confuses me because this is said to be the best rated mini media around and i have a highly rated drive as well.

i can post screen captures of my discinfo scans if it will help
thanks in advance