MCSE and flashing DVD drives in OSX


So I spent last night reading on dvd drives, how to make them region free, etc… But I still don t understand the last part: how to get the modified firmware flashed onto the dvd drive.

So i did the following:

find the correct firmware for my drive on the RPC1 site:


I got MCSE to run and I loaded GS21N_SA18.exe onto MSCE.

I selected RPC2 auto reset.

I saved the updated .exe file -> it created GS21N_SA18speedpatched.exe

and thats where I am stuck… I tried using the flasher from devilclaw but it seems that my drive is not running renesas chipets.

how can I possibly get that firmware onto the dvd drive?

any pointer in the right direction will be appreciated!

thks for your help!



LG flashers are Windows only. Simply executing the file should do the trick then.


Hi Michael,
thks for your reply.

when I double click on the .exe file, I get a Wine window opening, asking me what I want to do with the Wine file:

1/ run directly in the folder it is in
2/ convert to simple OSx application bundle with WineBottler.

when I try option one, nothing seems to happen
option two fails to complete,

Any suggestions ? ( i am a complete newbie…)



apart from the issues related to Wine or similar, the flasher wants to directly communicate with the hardware. And since that flasher is designed for Windows, you need to run it on a real Windows system.

See this post about a similar problem: which I found with help from aunt Googel :wink:


more complicated than expected… I ll have to get xp or vista somewhere.

thanks a lot for the clarification.


[QUOTE=Matt2000;2591992]more complicated than expected… I ll have to get xp or vista somewhere.

thanks a lot for the clarification.


Neither those will work as indicated your using a OSX mac system all those updates are for O/S verified Windows hardware to work. It’s not complicated they do tell you on their site what O/S their firmware is for. You need to go back to the manufacture site and see if they have a mac specific update using the mac system. Mac hardware will not work for Windows required O/S to run natively.