like so many i am looking for this link, mcldecrypt.exe does anybody have it? Please help!!! JULIA

Sorry, wrong button…

yes, I have it… but you don’t need it as it don’t works with the
latest version of Doom Movie Clone. Use AnyDvd instead or

Find it at

Mcldecrypt.dll and Mcldecrypt.exe Installer Version 2.1
Mcldecrypt is a free plug-in for Movie Clone and other DVD programs
Download and execute Mcldecrypt.exe,
the installer for the free Movie Clone plug-in:
Mcldecrypt.exe install the file Mcldecrypt.dll in your system32 folder.
This DLL enables unlimited access to your DVD Drive.

BOL Skycaptain

hi sky captain i downloaded mcldecrypt.exe but i still cant get my x-oom to copy is there something else i have to do such as some way adding it to x-oom software i am new to the computer and its all a learning experiance to me any help would be appreciated…thanks patboy

From what I read this is the wrong forum for what your posting.

Moved to the CopytoDVD Movie Forum.:cop: And I never even heard of this program much less others looking for it.

@ patboy, this thread is three years old. I doubt whether anyone is still looking for it.:wink: