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McDonald’s customers may soon be asked whether they would like a free hour of “McWireless” access to go along with their Extra Value Meal, thanks to a deal the fast food chain made with Intel.

To coincide with the semiconductor’s launch of its new Centrino mobile technology this week, Intel announced Tuesday that it is launching a joint marketing campaign to offer high-speed wireless Internet access in 10 Manhattan McDonald’s restaurants, with plans to expand the deal to hundreds of other locations by the end of the year.

What’s more, for the next three months, customers in participating restaurants with wireless-enabled laptops will be offered a free hour of wireless Net access when they purchase a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal. Customers can also purchase an hour of wireless access for $3.

The companies hope to launch the wireless services in hundreds of other McDonald’s locations in New York City , Chicago and California by the end of the year.

The deal comes one day before Intel is due to launch its heavily promoted Centrino mobile computing technology, which combines a new processor built specifically for a mobile environment with wireless Internet chips based on the 802.11b standard.

Intel also announced Tuesday that it has scored a similar deal with book, music and video retailer Borders Group Inc., under which the companies will jointly market Intel-verifed wireless Internet zones, or hotspots. Border’s wireless services are provided by T-Mobile USA Inc., but the networks are compatible with the Centrino mobile technology, Intel said.

The Santa Clara, California , chip maker said that its wireless verification program includes engineering and testing of the Intel Centrino mobile technology with network architecture that supports various access points, software combinations, hotspot locations and wireless service providers.

Woud you like 802.11 with that Sir ?

A few months ago I walked into the McDonald’s near my house and looked at all these kids fighting over something next to the wall. I walked up to it and it was 3 GameCube stations where the kids could play Luigi’s Mansion, WaveRace, etc. To get more customers this seemed a little desperate to me…I spoke too soon. McWireless is fukin ridiculous. Why dont they just put a mattress and pillow in the corner so I can sleep there too?

McWireless is the only thing i could eat at McDonald’s since their other food is awful :bigsmile:

Hmm, interesting, I might visit one of these places and check it out. Just as soon as I get over the hair that was in my food on monday. :Z

I think an hour might be a bit…much. What happens on busy days when everyone wants to surf the net? Also, will they be in some sort of separate room, or will people in Manhattan be finding ketchup on their mouse?

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will people in Manhattan be finding ketchup on their mouse?

I doubt it. The places in Manhattan are kept pretty clean. Especially on the busy streets. I believe they are going to place them around Broadway and maybe Canal Street. Those places are clean and I doubt they will let people eat around expensive computers. I just hope they use optical mice. The old style mice get the balls stolen real quick in any public space.

Oh yes stealing miceballs and throwing them at people, those were the days… :smiley:
So now you can eat a hamburger and check out pr0n at the same time, cool! I can’t wait untill they introduce McLaundry, you get to eat AND have your clothes washed, or and for the ladies McPedicure and in the winter McSnowballFight…

We already have a Mclaundry.( there is one real to close the McD’s down the street.

There is a dancing girls bar, that has a laundrymat and a carwash right next door to each other…

But the idea of the McD’s wireless could be something that could be ok in the future, but how well the encryption be for this??
You can drive down the road and pick up peoples wireless stuff using Netstumbler and a antennna./…Not to mention pick up IR from another laptop…