Mciahel is there a fix for Jitter in NeroDisc Speed?

@ mciahel is there a fix for Jitter in NeroDisc Speed ?

I read & did the registry fix for getting Nero DiscSpeed to do a quality scan with a Samsung drive.
My drive is a SH-222L firmware SB03 .
The scan completes 100% without the Jitter scan.
If Jitter is checked In Disc Quality/Advanced I get this error:

If I uncheck Jitter in Disc Quality/Advanced I don’t get the error .
Either way I do not get a Jitter scan.
There is a scan with this drive:

As you can see no Jitter line or readings.

No jitter is kind of a feature of TSST drives.
I admit, I haven’t mentioned that in the FAQ :o

EDIT: FAQ fixed :wink:


Ok Thanks.