Mce 2005 & nec nd4550a

Hi folks,

Hope someone can help. Just built a new Media PC based on the Intel 955 chipset. It has a 3.2GHz P4 and 2GHz of DDR II ram.

The problem I have is with the DVD writer. I chose the ND 4550A which has firmware 1.07. The OS is Windows Media Center 2005 with Rollup 2.

When ever I go to write a CD or DVD it say’s I have no writer installed yet I can burn OK with Nero 7.

I had a look on the CD freaks and Google forums which suggersted that since MCE uses the Sonic engine for writing that I should update it. After a long search I found an updated engine called “pxengine1_08_34a” although when I do a properties on it is say’s it’s version 1.7.59.

Anyway, I installed this, rebooted and found MCE did see my recorder however now my Media Center crash’s witha blue screen of death all the time.

I managed to boot into safe mode and remove the update then rolled back to a system restore point I created before installing and I’m back to where I was. Stable system but no recorder.

Installing a trial version of Sonic Primetime also causes the blue screen of death which by the way says it’s a STOP. All blue screens are caused by the write engine sys files.

Can any one help get my NEC drive working or do I need to replace it with a Plextor.

Hope someone can help.



Sonic DLA and Nero INCD cause the blue screen for sure as well as other items! Be sure these two sub programs are removed!
Are you talking about drag and drop in XP windows? Your burner has to be added to the list for that to work!
Show us two screen snaps of device manager! IDE advanced tab and your drive tab in device manager!

Use the ALT Print screen and dump it in paint and then save it as a PNG file!

Trouble shooting checklist to consider!

BIOS update at your Boxes site or MOBO(if hand built)

Check your BIOS settings=AUTO and on for IDE channels and your drive identified

Nero 7 has given a few a problem=try 6 version if all else fails!

Make it the master on the IDE cable and get rid of the CS setting by jumpering it to master on the back of the burner!

Wow! 1.07 is out! I will flash my drive! Nevermind! I forgot to update my sig block! LOL



My BIOS is the latest for my MB. My drive is set to a MASTER, all BIOS settings are on AUTO.

I had the drive not recognised before I installed Nero and when I did install Nero I only installed the main program leaving all the extras including InCD uninstalled.

In my computer with no disc in the drive it shows as a DVD-RAM drive. Right clicking on it ans selecting properties then recording tab it is ticked to allow recording to the drive. If I drag file to the drive then select write to CD it writes ok but within Media Center it says I dont have a recorder.

Will post the screenshots you wanted when I get back to my own PC.



Sounds like a media center problem! check their site for updates and trouble shooting!