McDonald's - Eco Friendly?

Is it possible? :confused: Funny definitely. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fri, 06 Jul 2007, 01:24PM

McDonald’s, known mostly for smiling like an evil clown while the world gets fatter and fatter, is now actually doing something productive with all of those kilojoules of grease. The company is planning on powering its entire UK truck fleet with bio-diesel created from its own waste vegetable oil.

In the next 12 months, McDonald’s plans on creating enough fuel to power its 155 delivery vehicles while having enough fuel left over to sell into the public market. The fuel will be composed of 85% waste vegetable oil and 15% virgin rapeseed oil. So, while it will be 100% carbon neutral, it won’t be entirely waste oil. However, Matthew Howe, Senior VP of McDonald’s UK was quoted saying “As we get better at the refinement we will be able to remove virgin rape from the process,” a line which we sincerely hope never gets taken out of context.

Continuing his remarks, Howe assured reporters at Reuters that the delivery trucks would not smell like McDonald’s french fries, though he recognized that that" it would have been one of the best marketing campaigns we could ever have had."

As long as they don’t start cooking their fries in Bio-Diesel.

That’s an awesome quote…er of course when taken in context…

Hot shot: How can we cut costs?
Advisor: Well, what about we make bio-diesel from our own vegetables? Saves buying petrol.
Hot shot: Awesome, any side effects?
Advisor: Yeah, we kinda help the environment with it since it’s bio-diesel
Hot shot: Whoa! Let’s marketeer ourselves as an extremely people-loving health-caring sport-sponsering environmentally-friendly company
Advisor: Like Shell does, even when it’s just another money-making machine for the company?
Hot shot: YEAH! Here, have a burger!
Advisor: mm… thanks!

McDonald’s - Eco Friendly? What about the tons of trash each day?

How about the cost to the health system?

edit Oops …sorry … forgot that the USA prefers to spend their money on warfare, rather than looking after their own citizens*/edit*

oh well, what can we say … maccas is the source of great dental, medical fitness, cosmetic surgery and funeral industries :iagree: