McDonalds and Sony to offer food with music

I just posted the article McDonalds and Sony to offer food with music.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us McDonalds is rumored to be in negotiations with Sony (who isn’t?) to create a music download bundling deal. …

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While it may be fodder for the unthinking, the uncaring or the plain damned lazy, it’s drawing a very long bow to call it food…and I don’t think a cd to go will make it taste any better…:X

Crap food with crap music! Ronald Mc Donald goes Britney Spears ,what a loooooad of crap! :r

Honestly, I swear some of you just look for things to work yourselves up over. :wink: life’s not so bad

jab1981- I don’t know, take another look at those fries, they are glowing as if they are radioactive!!! :+

Would you like any Uranium with your fries?

yes please :slight_smile:

[I]“Would you like any Uranium with your fries?”[/I] LOL…Like that one! :B

I just learned how to order my Big Mac and fries in Spanish, now I have to translate song titles to Spanish so they understand me.

jab1981, sure life ain’t so bad…if you believe all those glossy images being fed to you and actually believe what you are eating (and who u are supporting) is in your best interests. Unfortunately some of us cynics dig deeper. Plus there’s no denying how a meal at McDonald’s or similar fast-food establishment makes u feel AFTER you eat it. Food for thought?

Man… the more of this kind of crap that I see, the more I just want to outright pirate music for free. Someone should set up a network that uses interesting techniques to keep all users anonymous and encrypt communications… then implement strict policies about the creation and tagging of music… make a very nice community of audiophiles sharing losslessly compressed CDs and such. It would be neat to have a WikiMusic archive, that has information about all music ever made, that people can just go and update. There can then be links to that music on my uber-stealth P2P network, where you can go and download the original lossless CDs with cuefiles. Then we can just say “f*k da record companies… We’ll make our own music, and people can make music they enjoy instead of trying to peddle overcommercialized crap so that we all end up brainwashed by it like a bunch of 14 year old girls!!” (Sorry… ranting)