MCCR01 Excellent!

G’day all,

Here’s a KProbe scan of a brand new Verbatim 8x DVD+R (Made in Singapore) written at 8x on my NEC ND-2500A@2510A (firmware 2.15). No, you’re not seeing things - No POs! This scan puts all other burners to shame!


Nice! Those authentic Singapore Mitsubishi discs are some of the BEST you can find. :bigsmile:

I feel so lucky! I just recived 100 of those exact discs at a very good price, looking very much forward to nice burns :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly the special offer has ended but the same discs are (hopefully) still available at (site is in Danish) but now the price is 12 kr pr dics (1.91 us $) not 8 kr (1.27 $) including 25% sales taxes.