Mcco3rg20 @ bigpockets cheap

Well i ordered some of these
i was expecting cmc mag of some kind but this is what i found i brought a box of 600 for i think it was 58.99 Gbp now mods i know if this is in the wrong section etc move delete etc but i dont know if u know about these bargain media yet but From my initial First burn them seem to be up to the excellent Verb standards :smiley:

Not bad! Where and when did you get these at that price? Give all of us the low down, please!

Ordered yesterday got today links on first post burning and doing scan and trt now picked a random disk from middle of pack works out about £5.80 if u buy 50

can you tell us in american money? Sorry

i dont know if they ship to the us but Trt and scan coming up in 10 mins

Thanks I will be waiting

Right here we go enjoy :stuck_out_tongue: reasons for the spikes in the burn is i decided to open my music folder then the hdd went mental which happens to be where the image is for that burn :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know whether they are CMC or Prodisc?

CMC my friend :]

I like the look of that. :clap:

8x litey scan :] my benq seems to be acting up soo bad :frowning:

still a nice scan and a good bargain :smiley:

Yeah looks like legit media. Good buy! :slight_smile: