Mcc03 Vs YUDEN000T02 for Liteon 1653 and 1693

Due discontinued of 8x quality media ,any opinion for stock many CMC made Verbatim’s MCC003 or Fuji’s YUDEN000T02 found by local dealer in same reduced price. -My drives are 1213@1653 and 1673@1693

My personal use ,sometime need less quality than fast burn speed ,and others just great quality burn -That means change write strategies,but the question is how last firmwares do better job,against recent batches of these media ?-Unfortunately my deal for best price will be in one brand only
-Any opinion?

I have a 1673, which uses essentialy the same FW as the 1693. All I use in my drive are the TY -T02 +Rs, and I get a great quality burn every single time. I hear MCC is good too, but I’ve never used it. I would always use TY if given a choice.

Ok I’m talking about a 832s here, but anyway…
Of course T02 are really good but they don’t work in my toshiba player so since I ran out of ricohjpn today I got 2 verbatim sindles of MCC003, never tried them. Well I won’t go back to anything else including taiyo.
The scan is mcc003 burnt at 8x on 832s, I don’t see how it would be any different on a 16x3.