MCC004 Verbatim DVD+R

Hi, i am Mieke and i have some scans i would like to show you. Are these good scans or bad scans? Are the peaks going to cause trouble or is it normal. I burned them with Liteon DX 20A3P. It’s an external drive.


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Hello Mieke, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

In the absence of a transfer rate test, those are excellent scans. Can you tell us where the discs are made (it should say on the packaging)?

Oh, and PIE peaks that low are nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Those scans look excellent to me you shouldn’t have
any problems at all with those discs. :wink:

Thank you guys. I was worried that those peaks where bad. But now i know i don’t have to re burn them. Thank you for your help.

The dvd’s are from taiwan i believe. It says so on the box they came in.


Any PIE [U]<[/U] 50 and PIF [U]<[/U] 2 is perfect and highest quality so nothing to worry :slight_smile:
Even PIE [U]<[/U] 280 and PIF [U]<[/U] 4 should still be OK in most cases:flower:

I sometimes get a PIF peak of 3. So that isn’t a problem?

[QUOTE=Twinkels;1954172]I sometimes get a PIF peak of 3. So that isn’t a problem?[/QUOTE]

No. One solitary PIF peak of 3 is fine. If it’s a clump of PIF then I’d suspect a bit of dust or something on the disc, but as it stands it’s another great scan :slight_smile: :clap:

Thanks for your very quick answer. I have learned alot today.

[QUOTE=Twinkels;1954181]Thanks for your very quick answer. I have learned alot today.[/QUOTE]

You’re welcome, and I’m still learning all time I’m here! :wink:

Just say no ARACHNE !!! :flower::flower::flower::flower::flower::flower::stuck_out_tongue:

that best not be made in india MCC004:sad: , nice scan though :slight_smile:

Scans look great and tiny spikes mean nothing. Remember that scanning is not a scientific or 100% accurate way to determine a discs write quality or playability.

[QUOTE=marcus_667;1954197]Just say no ARACHNE !!! :flower::flower::flower::flower::flower::flower::stuck_out_tongue:

that best not be made in india MCC004:sad: , nice scan though :)[/QUOTE]

No to MCC004? Never! :bigsmile:

And it’s MIT if you read up a bit in the thread :wink:

Hi, i had another question. I sometimes have dvd’s that have a PIF total of over 1500 and the other time i have one that has just over 100. Does it matter if the PIF total is that high? The PIF max is 2.


1500 total PIF with a max of 2 isn’t all that bad but like the saying goes
lower is always better :wink:

Totally does not matter so long as the PIF is spread out fairly evenly. When you get a massive clump in one area, it could cause problems. It’s easy to spot clumps as you might have 100 PIF total then all of a sudden a big block of PIF shows up and the value goes up by 1000 or more instantly. Usually caused by dust. It’s better to be caused by dust than to be caused by a defective disc. At least you can be careful and remove big dust particles before burning but a defective disc is always going to have clumps of PIF in specific spots regardless of writer or burn speed.

Still, even if a clump caused 1500 PIF, it’s probably still fine to use. Only worry when you get long and large clumps that create more than double what you have seen. If in doubt, you can always ask here on the forum and post a pic of the scan you’re concerned about :wink:

Thanks for your answer. I have the scan on my other pc. I will post it when i get to it. It’s going to take a few hours. Sorry about that.

Here is the picture.

So, this has been bugging me: Twinkels = Unknown Ninja, yes?

That total is just fine IMO. :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. She is my mom. She was using it on my wive’s birthday. And she didn’t log in with her account.