[MCC004] Verbatim 16x +R 100x cakebox. Real or fake?



I’m asking because the price is quite a bit cheaper than other places I’ve looked (but it may be because of the 100x pack).

The item in question is available at nierle. Any thoughts about them are also welcome.


I believe it’s the real stuff, but I’m not sure. I haven’t seen any shop in my area carrying 100 or even 50 pcs DVD spindles, only 25 ones.

(I can find 50 and 100 pcs CD spindle just fine, mostly CMC crap though.)


You can see the available types of Verbatim DVD+R media in Europe here.

One of the available types is 16x DVD+R Matt Silver in 100pc spindle (Reorder #43551), so there’s no specific reason to believe that this media from Nierle is fake. There’s obviously no way I can or will guarantee that, however!