Mcc004 ordering (uk site)

think im gonna order these mcc004 from here

has anyone used this site before?

I usually use SVP, but the discs and price look OK to me.

atm, my 2nd laptop hard drive is getting a bit full of full dvd rips so im getting edgy for some discs, dont want a failure!

the svp site only has the



[QUOTE=al4x;2050150]the svp site only has the



Ah, I see. Best stick with the MCC004 then :slight_smile:

yeah, i know that the mcc004 are meant to be good, but im not so sure of the YUDEN000T03

Well the Verbatim T03s (and the Verbatim TYG03) IMO aren’t as good as their MCC004. So MCC004 is what I’d go for.

However, YUDEN000 T03 under other brands (Plextor etc) are very good.

i think ill play it safe and go mcc 004, make sure i check somehow that athey are genuine once they arrive!

hopefully the gsa t11n i have will do them well