MCC004 & MCC03RG20. Which burner out of these 3?



Out of the following burners and firmwares would you say burns MCC004 and MCC03RG20 the best at 16x? Forget fastest speed for the moment (I think the LG would win that anyhow). Just best scans.

NEC 3540 with L&D W5 FW
Lite-on 1673S with JS0B FW
Benq 1640 with BHSB FW

I’ve ordered some Infiniti Samurai MCC03RG20 so I am curious to know if others have tested this media against these 3 drives. I will of course post my own scans when I get the media. I love shootouts :slight_smile:


If this is a shootout, then I think we can shoot down the BenQ, which seems to always have some nasty PIF spikes on 16x +R media. The rest, I’m not sure.


I hear the 1673S has trouble with MCC004’s. Not sure about MCC03RG20’s. I have a sneaky feeling the NEC is going to win this one. But won’t know until I get the media.


The NEC takes my vote…

But when you buy your new LG…I’ll hafta change my vote.