MCC003 with old firmware (832S)



I bought these Verbatim discs because they were supposed to be MCC003 discs (and they are), which are supposed to be pretty good. I have a pretty old firmware which I’ve been reluctant to upgrade because my Ricoh burns have been great and I didn’t want to mess anything up. Now that they don’t make ricohjpnr01’s anymore, I got these from newegg and my first burn was a bust. (See below). Should I upgrade the firmware, or is there another write strat for these discs I should use. I was surprised these didn’t work well in my drive.


backup your eeprom then if you dont like the newer fw just drop back to the old fw and stick your old eeprom back on :slight_smile:


I guess I could try, but why would even VS0A firmware cause a burn like this? I thought this was supposed to be quality media.


old fw new media, more than likely


Have you thought of the possibility that VS0A is not to good a firmware :frowning: .
Given the fact it is quite OLD, could this be your problem?
Like Mr. Brownstone said, backup current FIRMWARE+EEPROM.
I would then also do a RLM with the EEPROM Utility before updating to newer firmware. Then if you are not happy with quality results from new firmware (VS0G or CG5G), you can ALWAYS go back to VS0A+EEPROM. So what have you to loose?


OK, thanks guys. I’m just gonna wait until I run out of my ricoh discs, then I’ll try that. It seems silly to me that I have really had to experiment to get each type of media to work properly. I can’t imagine what the average person would do. Probably spend a lot of time on tech support calls. This is Verbatim MCC003 discs, so I would think recent firmware should work.


the average person probably wouldn’t use k probe, and would therefore not know they weren’t getting good burns. anyone else would back up their firmware and update to new firmware. If they got worse results than what they were accustomed to they might revert to the previous one, imo. :slight_smile:


I did a RLM and updated the firmware. I don’t understand why the PIs are so high? I used to get < 30 avg on the good discs. PIFs look OK now though. I also disabled learning, is that a good idea?


A Ricoh disc after the firmware update shows 390 Avg PI (7 million total) and 4855 Total PIFs, including some 5,6, and 7s peaks. Why are my PI’s so high, and the PIFS so much more numerous? Does the lens need a cleaning?