MCC003 - suspicious variability

I use a Plextor 712A, and have found that Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC003) works well with it. See first attachment.

I saw a spindle of 25 MCC003’s for just £5.52 plus VAT (from SVP Communications), so bought a pack. The only difference is that these are branded as Bulkpaq. But all the media ID codes are the same as genuine Verbatim. But the burn was dreadful. See second attachment - the PI-PO scan only got as far as about 2.25GB before failing with “Medium Error (code 030284)”.

So, what’s going on here? Are there fake MCC003’s around? Are there different qualities of MCC003, Verbatim keeping the good stuff for themselves and dumping the bad stuff on OEMs? Have Bulkpaq bought some Mitsubishi stampers and coated the discs with inferior dyes? Any other reason for this wild variation in quality?

Most likely fake.

I came across some “Verbatim MCC 003” that were shipped from the same supplier as generic crap media, and I think they were fakes because they burned at 8x, but the disc was compeltely unreadable, off a Lite-On SOHW-1213S.

They were somewhat TY looking discs, no label surface at all.

Not all legitimate MCC media has any label surface though. They do make blank-topped shiny silver discs.

The shiny silver top MCC003 I got has ‘Verbatim’ and ‘DVD+R 8X’ printed in black ink in the centre, and so is my Verbatim branded DVD-R 8X.

Thanks for all the feedback. Both the Verbatim and Bulkpaq discs are inkjet-printable, if that’s of any importance. I did get one additional piece of info using DVDInfoPro. The genuine Verbatim has defined write speeds of 4x, 6x and 8x, while the Bulkpaq has these plus a claimed write speed of 12x. I was under the impression that MCC003 is just an 8x media. So on balance it looks like these are fake.

There are two variants of MCC003, one allowing 8x max burning while the other allowing 12x max on certain burners. You can search the media forum as there are a couple of threads on this.

Bulkpaq seems to buy the cheapest discs, left over trash or grade Z media they can get and resell it to unwitting consumers. I advice you to avoid this “brand”.
We have seen fake and very shoddy quality discs come out of a bulk “paq”.

Well, the plot thickens…
The attached plot is from another burn on the Bulkpaq MCC003. Looks like a pretty decent burn to me. This time, I burned at 8x, whereas the first burn was at 4x. (In the past I’ve found that a slower burn seems to give better results). But in this case, it would seem that an 8x burn works well, whereas the 4x burn is garbage.

cliveb, what is the serial number on the discs? Should be visible on the recordable side of the disc, on a dark ring surrounding the clear plastic hub.

Thanks for helping out like this, Two Degrees. There are two serial numbers. One is embossed into the plastic right next to the centre hole, the other is on the inside of the “silvered” part. My eyesight is not brilliant, so I may not get these exactly right, but here goes…

On the Bulkpaq, these numbers are ZC9667-DVR-X47B (inside of silvered section), and PAHA171113065454 (very centre, next to the hole).

On the Verbatim, they are ZC7156-DVR-X47A and VX4127LA224074.

I’m more confident about having correctly read the ZC codes; the ones right next to the hole are really difficult to read.

Yes, the ZC (or in some cases ZD) codes are the only ones that matter. I have a spindle of Verbatim-branded MCC 003 that have the exact same serial as that on your Bulkpaqs, so they’re probably Prodisc-manuf MCC media. Seem legit enough.

Thanks. I’m wondering if the X47A and X47B at the end of the codes might indicate the difference between the 8x and 12x versions - any thoughts on that?

Looks like I need to do another 4x burn to see if that’s what the problem was with the first disc. If that turns out OK, perhaps it was just an unlucky odd disc - is the top disc of a spindle is more likely to be bad?

Yes, the ones that end in X47B are 12x compatible while the ones ending in X47A are 8x only.

OK, thanks for that. Where do you get hold of this information, by the way? Is there a summary of all these codes readily available?

Anyhow, I’ve done another 4x burn using a Bulkpaq disc, and got another decent burn (see attached scan). So it seems as if the first garbage burn may have been a single dodgy disc in the spindle.

Info about the two variants of MCC003 were posted in the media forum a few months back. It was a hot topic for a bit.

The bulkpaq’s are MCC licensced media. They are probally made by Prodisc (or maybe CMC)
However there is no real guarantee when it comes to quality. But still these should be at least of the quality needed for the licens. In other words they should be ok. But you don’t have a guarantee unlike verbatim/mitsubishi own media. Also these might be overruns when the stamper is still good after the normal ammount of pressings unlike Verbatim media.

Now let me be helpfull here.
MCC hardly manufactures media themselves. (only singapore and japan (small ))
However they licens there technology to third parties (and they are makeing huge profit on this one !) like MBIL,CMC, Prodisc.
In return these compannies might manufacture for MCC brands to pay a part of the money for the licenses.
Note that there are quality rules when it comes to the use of this license.
Now I hope that I cleared that one up.

My previous statement about the manufacturer of these discs was incorrect. Going by the inner hub serials, the Bulkpaq discs are CMC-made while the Verbatim discs are honest to goodness made in Singapore at the MCC plant!

Yes - when looking at the serial numbers posted the bulkpaq MCC003 media is made by CMC.

Prodisc made MCC has a “+” in the middle of the serial number round the center hole.

I was surprised to see this thread that I started way back had new responses. Thanks for the further info.

I thought people might be interested in an update. I’ve been using up these Bulkpaq MCC003s on & off, and am now getting near the end of the spindle. At first, I was getting about a 50% success rate with them, but recently it seems that they are more dependable. The last 4 or 5 in a row have been very good burns. But I’m still wary of unknown brands like this. It seems that the main issue in variability, and that’s actually more irritating than consistent garbage: at least with them you can chuck out the whole box instead of wasting your time trying and checking burns.

I’ve never had a problem with TY media (Maxell branded), so I will probably stick to this (or other known non-fake TY) in future.