MCC003 on sale cheap at amazon

here is the list

Velocity DVD+R 8X 4.7GB (25-Spindle) -6.99
Velocity DVD+R 4.7GB, 120-minute 8x (100-pack Spindle) - 26.99
1 bought the 100 pack a while ago and it is mcc003 and since it is over 25 for the 100 pack it ships FREE!

have fun!

Some reviewer stated that they get Optodisc instead of MCC003.

MCC003 is very good, but not Optodisc.

If it is MCC003, then this thread would be relevant…

thanks for that i cancelled my order. i got some of the mcc003 from october and they were good discs no need for anything crappy.

Thank you for the information, very much appreciated!

Wow, sorry I just realized I bumped a VERY old thread, guess that’s what happens when being referred to a site from Google =/

Next time I guess I need to pay attention to the date, lol.